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Bill Ray, LCSW-C

Bill Ray, LCSW-C

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Philosophy of Mental Health

The root of many psychological symptoms, including depression, anxiety, and even substance abuse is that we avoid that which makes us uncomfortable. In trying to distance ourselves from this, we develop unhealthy ways to cope. We often have these conflicts inside of us: an inner war between our body and soul, our head and our guts, between what we think and what we feel, or between who we are and what we are expected to be. Therapy sessions are collaborative effort to untangle our thoughts, feelings and behaviors with the goal of a greater sense of happiness and satisfaction with ourselves. 
Adolescents and adults can have difficulties that affect not only their own lives, but the lives of their families. My sessions provide a confidential, secure setting where you can be yourself, work out problems and personal conflicts, and along the way develop a better understanding of yourself.



General Psychotherapy:  Adolescents and Adults.  I treat for depression, anxiousness, loneliness, isolation, perfectionism, self esteem issues, and relationship conflicts (marital, parent to child, child to parent, in-laws, and workplace). I also work with those harmed by childhood trauma or adult trauma.

Couples Therapy:  Two partners seen together to work on relationship conflicts.

Family Therapy:  Seeing the whole family together to work on relationship conflicts.

Drugs and Alcohol:  Adolescents and Adults.  I have specialized training and certification in providing outpatient psychotherapy for an adolescent or adult who has a drug or alcohol problem.

Codependency:  For the families and loved ones trying to cope with someone who has a drug or alcohol problem.

Education and Training

• B.S. 1980; Religion; Dept. of Religion; Florida State University.
• M.S.: 1984; Counseling and Human Systems; Dept. of Education; Florida State University.
• M.S.W.: 2000; Dept. of Social Work; University of Maryland. 
• Three additional years of advanced post graduate training in Object Relations Theory and Practice from the Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Center, Washington D.C. with Rudolph Bauer PhD, ABPP.

Personal Statement

I enjoy music and photography, and spending time with my wife on our small farm. I have two children: my daughter is a 2000 Olympic medalist, and my son is an officer in the U.S. Army.


Contact Information

410.992.7288  ext 19