Crossroads Psychological Associates

Stephen Gaeng, Ph.D.

Stephen J. Gaeng, Ph.D


Philosophy on Mental Health

Life should be enjoyed and the art of enjoyment is an acquired skill. Therapy sessions are a collaborative effort where we work together to identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that will ultimately lead to a greater sense of happiness and well-being.  I work with and for you, not for any insurance company. I am an affable, “down-to-earth,” experienced therapist that provides practical, personalized, and confidential consultations.

Education and Training

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Towson University, a Master of Arts Degree in Community/Clinical Psychology from The University of Maryland Baltimore County, and a Doctorate in Human Development from The University of Maryland, College Park (1983).  My post-doctoral fellowship was attained in clinical psychology at Taylor Manor Hospital and in 1984 I was licensed as a psychologist in Maryland. I was formerly a part-time assistant professor of psychology at Towson University and I have been in private practice since 1985. 


I work with children, teens, adults, couples, and families toward increased happiness and well-being using an eclectic variety of therapeutic techniques to reduce barriers; such as anxiety, depression, and self-defeating modes of relating.  I also encourage enhancing psychological skills in areas such as productive thinking, relaxation, life style management, and interpersonal relations.  Additional services include the following counseling groups:

  • Adolescent Group Therapy – There is currently one adolescent group. One of the groups focuses more on acquiring and enhancing social skills, while the other two focus more on successfully meeting the developmental tasks of adolescence; such as, graduating from high school, driving, dating, entering the work force, engaging in healthy recreational activities, making sound decisions, and generally functioning more independently.

  • Young Adult Group– There are currently three groups for young adults (ages 18-29) working on issues around independence (e.g., financial, emotional, psychological, spiritual) and establishing a consistent and satisfying niche in life.

Personal Statement

My current hobbies include golfing, and playing tennis. My main interest outside of work is being with my family and being outdoors.

Useful Websites

  •  American Psychological Association
    An excellent, overall informative website that offers nationwide resources, articles and books on a wide range of mental health issues

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) 
    Helpful information and resources for ADHD 

  •  Obsessive Compulsive Foundation (OCD) 
    Helpful information and resources for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 

Contact Information

410-964-0425 ext. 12