Crossroads Psychological Associates

Thomas Stacy Ph.D.

Thomas W. Stacy, Ph.D


Philosophy of Mental Health

I believe that the pace and complexity of our world is difficult to navigate alone.  Adolescents and young adults in particular find difficulties that affect not only their lives, but their families.  It is a time for seeking help to manage these crossroads in their lives.

Individual, family and couples counseling using modern, evidence-based therapy techniques offers immeasurable benefits to families and individuals.


With a lifetime of experience working with adolescents and families, I utilize individual, family, couple and group therapy. 

I also offer placement consultation to schools, residential and recovery programs for adolescents and young adults who need more structure than can be found in outpatient therapy.

Education and Training

I earned my B.A. and M.A. from Southern Methodist University and my PhD from Texas A&M University. For 12 years I was a trainer, admissions director, program director, and vice president of Discovery Land Hospital, a residential treatment facility in Texas. The last 24 years I have been the clinical director of Crossroads Psychological Associates. Continuing education through course work, seminars, peer groups and reading is essential to providing competent care. I am a past president of Maryland Psychological Association and am active in state and federal legislation efforts for laws regarding mental health.

Personal Statement

I have an avid interest in outdoor activities including boating, skiing, tennis, golf, hiking and scuba diving.  I enjoy the arts and have a passion for history, architecture and travel with family and friends. I have a strong interest in politics and particularly the shaping of public policy.


After years of experience, including raising my own, I am the co-author of a book with David A. Gold, PhD: You Can’t Scare Me, I’ve Got A Teenager—A Guide To Raising Teens 2005 Child and Family Press. Washington D.C.


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