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David A. Gold, Ph.D.

I like to draw the distinction among thoughts feelings and behaviors.  This is particularly important when working with adolescents.  Thoughts and behaviors are things that most people are able to control.  Feelings, however, are different.  For most of us, feelings are not things that we can control, at least in the short term.  Because they are out of our control, I believe that feelings are neither good nor bad.  It's not fair to tell someone you shouldn't feel angry, you shouldn't feel sad you shouldn't feel scared.  You might as well tell them you shouldn't have brown hair.  All of us are going to feel what we feel.  The key, however, is to be able to control how we handle these feelings.  How will our actions, how will our decisions, be affected by our emotions?  Anger, for example, is not necessarily bad.  It may not be pleasant, but it is a natural part of the human experience.  How we handle our anger, how we express our anger however, can absolutely be good or bad, right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy.  Learning how to cope with and handled these feelings, including anger and sadness, is one of the ways in which therapy can help.



New York University
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, 1998

Yale University
B.A., Psychology, 1987

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• MPA, Member

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Matthew Otto, LCPC

I believe counseling is a collaborative experience, and see my role in the process as offering empathy, support, guidance and education in order to help my clients and their families reach their goals. I work with adolescents, young adults, men, women, couples and families.



Loyola University, MD
M.S., Pastoral Counseling, 2009

University of Maryland, College Park
B.A., History, 2001

Activities & Affiliations

  • ACA, Member

  • MCA, Member

  • LCPC-M, Member

  • National Board Certified Counselor

  • President - Lake Linganore Dolphins Swim Team

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Thomas W. Stacy, Ph.D.

I believe that the pace and complexity of our world is difficult to navigate alone.  Adolescents and young adults in particular find difficulties that affect not only their lives, but their families.  It is a time for seeking help to manage these crossroads in their lives.

Individual, family and couples counseling using modern, evidence-based therapy techniques offers immeasurable benefits to families and individuals.


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Stephen J. Gaeng, Ph.D.

Life should be enjoyed and the art of enjoyment is an acquired skill. Therapy sessions are a collaborative effort where we work together to identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that will ultimately lead to a greater sense of happiness and well-being.  I work with and for you, not for any insurance company. I am an affable, “down-to-earth,” experienced therapist that provides practical, personalized, and confidential consultations.



University of Maryland, College Park
Ph.D., Human Development, 1983

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
M.A., Clinical/Community Psychology, 1999

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• MPA, Member

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Laura C. Renbaum, M.D.

I believe that to have “well being” one must achieve a state of balance.  The forces that affect all humans (such as medical illness, loss of relationships, loss of dreams, changes in our physical surroundings, or social and financial strain) can cause distress or dysfunction.  Most often, things will work themselves out and we regain a better footing; we learn, we grow, or we manage.  At other times, these strains take over our biological functions and we become physically ill.  As a psychiatrist, I see my role as helping a patient identify disruptive forces and to helping bring back their state of well-being.  As a partner in the recovery process, I bring my knowledge and experience as a physician and a therapist to help each individual in a way that is compatible with his or her values and capabilities

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MPA Member

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University of Texas at Houston
M.D., Psychiatry

University of Georgia
B.S., Environmental Health



Ana Garcia Fernandez, Psy.D.

My counseling philosophy is based in the intellectual and emotional understanding of the multiple factors that impact the individual’s well functioning in different areas of their lives- job/school/home, relationships and/or community. I understand mental health as the ability to work and contribute to the society at large, as the capacity to enjoy life, and as the ability to establish meaningful relationships with others. It is through a working alliance between the therapist and the client that mental health growth can be achieved and individuals can become more autonomous, self-regulated and in control of their own lives.


James Madison University
PsyD., Clinical Counseling and School Psychology

Catholic University, Lima-Peru
B.A. & M.A.



David M. Band, M.D.

My areas of clinical expertise include ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders, school problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, court ordered psychiatric evaluations, and conduct and behavioral issues, including those associated with pervasive developmental disorders 


George Washington University
M.D. Psychiatry

University of Pennsylvania
B.S. Environmental Biology



Brenda May, LCSW-C

Extensive experience in clinical social work has validated my graduate school teachings that we are a product of our biology, psychology, and social experiences. All have a major impact on how we manage our complex lives. My emphasis is on helping the client to access strengths which are useful in problem solving. Pathology is addressed as an interference to satisfactory and satisfying functioning.



University of Maryland in Baltimore
M.S. Social Work

Skidmore College


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Bill Ray, LCSW-C

The root of many psychological symptoms, including depression, anxiety and even substance abuse is that we avoid that which makes us uncomfortable. In trying to distance ourselves from this, we develop unhealthy ways to cope and conflicts develop inside of us. 


University of Maryland at Baltimore
M.S. Social Work

Florida State University
M.S. Counseling and Human Services

Florida State University
B.S. Religion



Libby Barritt, M.S., LCPC, NCC

I believe “accepting the things we cannot change and having the courage to change the things we can” is the key to finding balance and a sense of happiness in life. The hard part is knowing the difference between the two.  Through a trusting, therapeutic relationship, one can be empowered to use their strengths to facilitate change and create the life they want.  



Nova Southeastern University
M.S. Mental Health Counseling

Ohio State University

Affiliations & Activities

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Brad Bernstein, M.S., LCPC

Brad is a licensed clinical professional counselor working with children, adolescents, and their families. He currently is the Middle School Counselor at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore County. Previously, he worked for fifteen years as a teacher, advisor, counselor and administrator at Glenelg Country School in Howard County. He has clinical training in diverse settings including schools, outpatient mental health centers, intensive outpatient mental health centers and substance abuse facilities.



National Board Certified Counselor

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Bucknell University B.S. Environmental Studies

Johns Hopkins University M.S. School Counseling



Meghan Toler, M.S., LCPC

Emotional and behavioral difficulties take on many forms.  Utilizing evidence based techniques, I empower my clients to recognize maladaptive patterns and develop realistic plans and coping mechanisms. My hope for each individual is that they will be able to make positive changes and find fulfillment and stability in their daily life. I have experience working with a wide range of clients, from child through adult, couples, and families.



ACA Member National Board Certified Counselor

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University of Maryland B.S. Elementary Education

Johns Hopkins University M.S. Counseling